Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mike got spiked

I made this picture for a t-shirt, for a band called 'mike got spiked'.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I drew this as part of a pitch, with A Man & Ink Ltd, for a quick little segment to be played before each screening at this years Galway Junior Film Fleadh. It didn't end up being picked, so was never made. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wanderlust (edit)

this is an edit of my graduate film. the reason i edited it, is because i don't like it as a film. it didn't work story wise. i wanted to put too much into it and i didn't have time. 
so, instead of it never seeing the light of day again, i decided to edit it down to the bits i like. these are the scenes that i was happy with (well, relatively happy). they are in the order they were in the film, but this is not a film. so don't be disappointed when it ends where it does. i took out over 2 minutes of scenes that i didn't like. mainly the ones were the two characters talk to each other. hence, there being no dialogue. in fact there's no sound in it at all. i didn't want to re-edit and cut up all the sound effects and music. i don't think i'd know where to look for all the files.
so, it's a silent movie!

wolf boy

this is a 3d caricature of a band called adebisi shank

this is a 3d caricature of a band called adebisi shank.