Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wanderlust (edit)

this is an edit of my graduate film. the reason i edited it, is because i don't like it as a film. it didn't work story wise. i wanted to put too much into it and i didn't have time. 
so, instead of it never seeing the light of day again, i decided to edit it down to the bits i like. these are the scenes that i was happy with (well, relatively happy). they are in the order they were in the film, but this is not a film. so don't be disappointed when it ends where it does. i took out over 2 minutes of scenes that i didn't like. mainly the ones were the two characters talk to each other. hence, there being no dialogue. in fact there's no sound in it at all. i didn't want to re-edit and cut up all the sound effects and music. i don't think i'd know where to look for all the files.
so, it's a silent movie!

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Patrick Semple said...

hey man i really like it. Looks so soft. The turtle is great as well.